Before purchasing, we always recommend that you order a sample to really get a sense of the true colour and quality of the Durasein product range. Find your required decor (or decors) and click ‘add to cart’ to build your free sample order.

When you are happy with your selection(s), simply fill in your contact details using the form and once complete, click submit. Your order will then be forwarded onto our samples team who will process your request .

Your samples will be dispatched the following day and should be with you within 24-48 hours.

These are veined colours, and small samples may not accurately represent the veining effect. Applications such as coved upstands and non-rebated downstands highlight the vein through the product; edges should always be rebated on these decors.

These designs feature pearl material in the top surface only, which will therefore not show through the thickness of the sheet. Applications such as coved upstands and downstands highlight the exclusion of pearl material through the product; edges should always be mitred or heavily rebated on these decors.

 Directional fabrication is required to ensure the most consistent aesthetics. Please ensure that when joining side-by-side or end-to-end, the sheet is fabricated directionally.

These are heavily pigmented colours, and are prone to show scratches, dust, haziness and ordinary wear & tear more easily than lighter colours. Therefore, they are not recommended for use in residential or commercial applications that will be subject to heavy use and/or horizontal application, and will not be covered under the 10 year warranty in relation to claims resulting from ordinary wear and tear.

Please ensure you are aware of the overall look of the product prior to purchase and fabrication of the sheets; larger samples are available from [email protected], or 0845 603 7811.