Pure Acrylic Solid Surface

Durasein® pure acrylic solid surface is approximately two-thirds aluminium trihydrate and a third acrylic resin and natural pigments. The aluminium hydroxide gives the product a particular strength, and the quality of the acrylic resin ensures cleanliness, suitability for contact with food, water resistance, and colour stability over time.

Despite it’s consistency being similar to natural stone, Durasein® is repairable and can be fabricated with woodworking equipment. It can be seamlessly joined and a simple thermoforming process allows the creation of curved surfaces providing unrivalled design capabilities.

Durasein® complies with Euroclass B-s1-d0 standards

10 Year Warranty

Durasein® comes with a 10 year warranty against manufacturing faults, providing peace of mind when specifying our product – whether it’s sheet material or sinks and bowls.


When heated to the correct temperature, Durasein® becomes malleable and
can then be curved and formed to your bespoke design.

Seamless Joints

Colour matched adhesive for all décors helps to give an unbroken and flowing
finish to your designs.


Minor scratches can be sanded and polished out to help maintain a pristine
appearance. Larger chips, deep scratches or more severe damage can be filled,
or section/s replaced.

Non-porous & Waterproof

Durasein® sheets are non-porous and 100% waterproof, allowing use in a vast range of applications.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean & Maintain

With thermoformed curved upstands and splashbacks on worksurfaces and vanity tops, those hard to clean dirt traps are eliminated.

High Durability

Durasein® sheets are extremely durable, with a high resistance to most everyday
cleaning products and stains – as well as many more harsh chemicals and
staining agents.

Food Hygiene

Durasein® meets NSF51 standards, so is certified for use in food preparation areas (e.g. residential & commercial worksurfaces, food preparation areas, servery counters, etc).


Tested to EN13501-b, comparable to UK BS476 Class 0.